Nothing Is Impossible to the Person Who Backs DESIRE With Enduring FAITH. - Napoleon Hill -

Nationwide, we are dedicated to economic growth & empowerment, one community at a time

Who We Are

Faith Purpose Gratitude Charity Foundation desires to eradicate transportation poverty, and develop solutions in the areas of financial literacy and financial inclusion to empower communities.

Faith Purpose Gratitude Charity Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation organized to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Our goal is to provide aid and relief in the areas of transportation poverty, income inequality, financial inclusion, and financial literacy on a local and nationwide level. 

Our Approach

We Facilitate Economic Growth

Our work can be described as an undertaking of four important topics; 

  • Vehicle Access; Closing the Gaps – Over recent decades households without vehicles have lost income, both in absolute terms and relative to households with vehicles. Abstracts from Publication; The Poverty of the Carless: Toward Universal Auto Access Transportation poverty has a direct link to income inequality particularly in low to moderate-income communities. Thus, making having reliable transportation essential. It plays an important role in enabling all people to travel to different places plus, it sustains equality in society. But, most people need a reliable vehicle just to maintain survival, because they’re either needing the vehicle to get to a job or to be able to find work.
  • Assisting with the Financial Burden Vehicles Present for Low-Income Households – Vehicle operating costs remain high and volatile and more difficult for low-income households. 
  • Financial Literacy; – an initiative to lead, inspire and elevate the community to a more morally and ethically perfected state of being…a community that advocates for a fair, just, equitable and inclusive USA where we ALL have the opportunity to thrive and flourish. 
  • Financial Inclusion; to increasing economic growth; make available products, services and training program that teach financial literacy and how money really works. 

— Our Mission

Faith Purpose Gratitude Charity Foundation has two goals; to eradicate transportation poverty and promote financial literacy in a sustainable way. 

We aim towards closing gaps nationwide in transportation poverty. To provide a wide array of financial products, learning materials and technical assistance, to low and moderate-income communities to help develop skills and the understanding of money and apply innovative knowledge and solutions that will benefit them throughout their lives.

— Our Vision

Faith Purpose Gratitude Charity Foundation focus is to develop solutions in the areas of financial literacy and financial inclusion to empower communities, reduce poverty and boost prosperity. Our desire is to see lives transformed to rise above their current situation by inspiring ones’ dreams and desires with faith and definiteness of purpose, and create hope for a better future.

— Our Story

Our story is simple. Faith Purpose Gratitude Charity Foundation want to make an impact on the world by inspiring others with the desire for real life, real financial freedom. That with faith that it can be attained, and with the purpose to attain it.